środa, 28 sierpnia 2013


Following my friend's suggestions, here is a special note of outgoing mail :D.
Some things I bough for my penpals on my holidays, inter alia a guide, many postcards, magnets, rubbers, Kochanowski's poetry in English, notebooks, little souvenirs...

My great job in Paint- outgoing mails to USA, Poland, St. Lucia, Germany and Malaysia.

Gifts for my Taiwanese friend, who learns Polish- a phrasebook with dictionary and some easy books for children.

For Dasha :) . 

For Amy- a map , bracelet and some little things.

For Cheyenne.

For Sakina :D .

2 komentarze:

  1. Great outgoing! I already knew you must send out lovely mail, and it's nice to see it too.

  2. Such a great idea with posting your outgoing mails ! Your firend must be smart ;D But what I have to say is that I'm impressed with these pink clouds on envelopes (2nd pic) ;D
    Ale serio, można by zrobić takie w realu. W sensie wyciąć z papieru i nakleić na kopertę(tylko oczywiście w większym rozmiarze), a na tym napisać adres... Mogło by wyjść nieźle ;-)