wtorek, 24 grudnia 2013

Merry Christmas ^^

Hello, my few blog followers ^^ I wanted to wish you very Merry Christmas, a lot of good food, cool gifts and everything you wish. I hope you have a chance to spend this special day with beloved ones.

Let me share some things which made my mailbox happy ^^

From Ania, Poland. Before wrapping off :D

Christmas card from Frida, Sweden

From Asia, Poland

Samuel, Mauritius

Opened a gift from Asia! It's a calendar....

.. Middle Eastern calendar...!

.. with such a beautiful ornament!

And chocolate from Samuel... Looks so cool I can't open it :D

Gift from Ania.. it's a tea ^^ yummy!

środa, 18 grudnia 2013

Empty mailbox the whole week :((((
Let me update some mails from last week :P




Two new countries ! ^^

środa, 11 grudnia 2013

Taiwan, Angel

Morocco ^^


Package from Germany...

... and inside :D But I cannot open the wrapped gift before Christmas ^^

czwartek, 5 grudnia 2013

I am out of stationary and had to do my own... how ugly is that? :D

Turkey, Taiwan

Singapore (a letter :D)

Taiwan, UK

Macau ♥

St. Vincent


poniedziałek, 2 grudnia 2013

I have received more letters, but  I didn't take photo of them.. sorry :* They were all BEAUTIFUL as always.

Mail from today:



Iran ♥

Sri lanka :3


Hong Kong. Lovely :3