poniedziałek, 26 sierpnia 2013

Ain ♥ Malaysia. It took more than 3 months to arrive. It was such a relief to see it in my mailbox. The candies were so delicious :). And I used the frames to decorate my room with photos. 

Letter- Monika, Poland. I loved her letter. 
♥ Malaysia 
♥ Austria  

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  1. So hello there my lovely ! First time here, but not the last ! What I can see is that you get TONES of sweetes and I have no idea how you can eat this all and still be so skinny. Damn it ! Zachęcam też do wrzucania fotografii Twoich listów, tzn. te które są pisane przez Ciebie. Do zobaczenia tutaj ! Yours, Gwiazdusia !