czwartek, 27 marca 2014

 That was definitely happy mailbox day :)
From lovliest country EVER. :) Well... I guess it's Iranian cartoon :D

Already eaten the snacks. They're amazing :3 love Thai snacks ♥

czwartek, 20 marca 2014

A postcard from two beloved friends in fact ^^

A letter from Russia among with little wooden thingy and some cards

Cute letter from Italy with tatoos, stickers, map and bookmark

From my Belarusian friend

This cutie came among with a letter from Austria

I got in in a letter from Alba, Spain :)

wtorek, 11 marca 2014

Germany :D actually a belated Christmas mail :D

Got a letter .... from Uganda! :D

And Iraq :)!

Also I went shopping and this is what I got for my penpals:



Other little goodies

piątek, 7 marca 2014

South Korea, contained a lot of postcards, photos, stickers and hand-made bracelet.

USA :) among with a greeting card and stickers

Turkey :) Postcards , leaflet, notebook, and greeting card.

Poland ;)