sobota, 24 sierpnia 2013

Big update

After two weeks I could finally open my mailbox :3
Bunad, Malaysia ♥. She sent me a letter and some hair accesories, in cute, handmade envelope. It's her third letter to me :) .

Jadey, USA, among with some stationary. 

Swap, Poland

Letter from Polish Penpal. She draws so beautiful!!! Why everybody is so talented just not me? XD

Rachel, USA

India, direct postcrossing swap. 

Grace, Germany

Johanna, Indonesia ♥♥♥ . Another talented penpal ! :D

Asia, Poland :) ! She just came back from England. I missed writting to her these days:3. 

Malle, Estonia  <3. Long letter, as always. I ♥ long letters, what's better than feeling your hand falling off, if you know you just shared a considerable part of your life?

St. Lucia!! God, it takes so long between our countries, but finally it arrived to me :) . 

Swap Poland


Holland, ahh love that card so much. Who doesn't like Harry Potter and his fellows? :D

Hong Kong

Germany. I already had that card, but it doesn't matter, it's so beautiful,


Lithuania ♥♥ Love this card, it was in my favs on postcrossing site. 

Belarus, swap :)

Indonesia, swap. 

Germany ♥ I love planes so much and I am happy that my collection is growing . 




Algeria, arrived finally! This postcard is so cool, isn;t it?



Belarus ! ♥

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