środa, 24 kwietnia 2013

poniedziałek, 22 kwietnia 2013

Belarus And Indonesia

I was asked to tell more about this newspaper :). So I do ! I was very excited to get it- it's from Belarus and it's in Belarusian, not Russian (sadly, many newspappers are in Russian). I always wanted to get one "Nasha niva" and finaly I have it :D . I will try to read it soon, many words are similar to Polish (my native language)

Letter from my sweet Indonesian friend- Johanna :D. She draws so nice.:)

wtorek, 16 kwietnia 2013

Bangladesh <3

Ghana :D (ignore the scissors)

China! Such a big package

Costa Rica

Germany <333

Turkey, new penpal :)

Malaysia <333

wtorek, 9 kwietnia 2013

USA, Jadey :)

Ildar, Russia. And Little Prince ! :D

Rachel , USA! :3

Poland :) 

Gifts and letter from Rachel

czwartek, 4 kwietnia 2013

My new penfriend from Luxembourg ^^

Macao ^.^

Beautiful postcard from Bahrain! It's so pretty, I have to go there! :D 

Stamps from Bahrain

środa, 3 kwietnia 2013

South Korea :D . Oh it's so cute!

Postcrossing forum swap

Moldova, from my dearest Cristina <3

Poland! She is so talented , isn't she?