piątek, 2 września 2016

poniedziałek, 11 kwietnia 2016

I am baaaack!! yeeey!

I got a comment from an unknow reader of my blog and I'd like to say THANK YOU for motivating me to upload new pictures of my mail ! All the best to you :*

Some news from me- I was amazed by the creativity of my penpals, and even I barely got time to sleep, I decided to decorate somenvelopes. Maybe it's not perfect, but it was my first time :) I need to thank my penpal from Baghdad for sending me this amazing calligraphy pen. Here are some samples:
So  here are some wonderful stamps from Sweden, South Korea and Laos. 
And I have got my first ever letter from... MONGOLIA!
And seems that Santa Claus left some gifts for me in Belarus!
As well as the uae!
And here some mail that brightened my day- USA, Czech Rep, UK, Japan and Israel
And later I got spoiled by my Austrian sweetheart- you know me so well <3
And got this beautie all the way from Turkey!
Pakistan! wowowow <3 I totally love this country
Abu Dhabi :3
And another city there- Dubai :D
My sweet talented armenian girl sent me this
And wow- new country! Nicaragua

And as a curio- how my bed looks like if I am away for 3 weeks! the big package is from Australia