czwartek, 10 grudnia 2015

Some treats from South Korea:)
Package from the USA.. my penpal knows me well :D
Yummy stuffs from Macau
New treasure to my collection :D
Incoming from Oman:3
UAE :3 <3 Daiso Japan

One of the best packages I have ever received- from Iraq

lovely incoming from Poland, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Kuwait, Barbados, Ghana, Armenia and Italy

piątek, 28 sierpnia 2015

Another big update

Beautiful postcard from my penpal from Uzbekistan
Cute little package from the UAE
Beautiful as always, from Azerbaijan
Amazing package from Belarus! Can't wait to read the book, the description sounds great
Totally spoiled by my British penpal :3
From my best Irish friend <3
UAE supply from my love <3
One of the most beautiful mail ever received, Algeria
Vietnam, Kuwait and other incomings :)

Poland :3 she's so talented!
Ireland :3 yummy stuffs :D
New Zealand :3
Package from Korea <3 feeling spoiled :D

Yey! New Littl Prince to my collection, thanks Tiana <3
Turkey, Slovakia
UK, Estonia, Denmark
Papua New Guinea, Madagascar, Poland

środa, 13 maja 2015