środa, 4 czerwca 2014

Huge update

Coming back home from an amazing trip is hard always, but checking the mailbox is able to make it less bitter :D

Marta from Czech Republic has sent me a letter, stationery, postcard, magazine and an instant beverage
Chris from Salvador has sent me a letter and a cute drawing to cheer me up. It WORKED :).
My new penpal in Vietnam. Isn't she talented?
Danae from Greece :). 
Lovely loooong letter and some bracelets from Romania.
Awesome letter from Kairi, Japan. Her letters are always so beautiful.
My Polish bestie ♥
My first birthday mail from my talented Hungarian sweetheart
Pretty mail from Switzerland
Huge mail from Canada
From my best friend living in Macau,
From Taiwanese friend with the gifts from her trip to UAE

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