poniedziałek, 11 sierpnia 2014

Well today was a good day for my mailbox!
Firstly my post-woman came and gave me these :
This is from Masha, from Belarus. She sent me snacks, stickers, a pen, postcards, little purse, a flag and a nail file. :) and a letter of course :D
From Yelda, Tukrey, among with some healthy snacks, bracelent and little ship :)
From Khawla, UAE. She sent me a notebook, a snack, stickers and postcard among with her long letter :)

A postwoman also left me an advice note, so I had to go to the post office to pick up the rest of mail. This is what was waiting for me:
Huge mails from France, Korea and Belgium!
My friend Thibaud from France surprised me with postcards from his trip and Quran in Arabic that I always wanted~!
Also a swap from Korea came, among with some snacks, stickers and letter sets :)
And a surprise package from Belgium . Thanks Monique, I was so taken aback ♥ Can't wait to try these!

I didn't expect more mail today, when suddenly a courier came with a package from Karima, my Moroccan friend:
She sent me a scarf, Little Prince in Arabic, a postcard, lipsticks, a snack , two keychains and a notebook.

Still can't believe how full was my mailbox today :D. Funny thing, just some days ago I was thinking that I love getting packages in boxes (not like in stuffed envelope), and today I got so many! 
 My penpals spoil me totally ♥

2 komentarze:

  1. No takiej pełnej skrzynki to tylko pozazdrościć ;) u mnie pusto ;p Świetne przesyłki ! :)

  2. Ile wydań Małego Księcia już posiadasz ? I jakie, jeśli wolno spytać ?
    Te Twoje huge mails są niesamowite !
    A ten róż zeszytu jest wprost powalający, nieziemsko piękny ! Co myślisz o kuchni w takim odcieniu ?! Ale tak już bez żartów to on jest naprawdę cudny !