piątek, 18 października 2013

Update... finally :D
At first I must apologize Ania and Caroline- I got their letters but forgot to make a photo :S . I will make amends :D

Almost the whole week my mailbox was empty, so I was very happy when today I finally got some letters, postcards and packages... A lot of parcels!!:O
(sooooooo happy :3)

I was surprised when I took it from post office. So big :3. 

This is a letter from my lovely penpal Jadey. I missed her so much, we haven't talked for a while. 

And my prize :D I won a contest (by writing a poem about Guatemala)

From my sweet Yelda :)

Suprita!! :3 Omg girl I will kill your postal services :( . I missed you mega much ♥

South Korea :) 

The last postcards to my collection of Beksinski's art

Surprise card from Salah's trip to Malaysia. Thaankkss that made my day (I love surprises)

And last but not least, a package full of goods with my favorite Russian character :D Masha

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