sobota, 6 lipca 2013


Hey! It's been a long time I haven't posted anything. I've been out of my city, but when I came back home, my letterbox was FULL ♥

Swap with Salvador ! New country. I like the card very much, especially because of the flag. 

Cute llama from Hong Kong. I love these animals and collect card with them.

Sent from Malaysia

Malaysia as well . I adore this card, one of the best I have ever received ♥

Andorra ! New country too. So now I have... 127? Or so :P

Japan !

From my penpal Vlada, Belarus :). We are penpals so long :) . It's been 3 years or so... It's 1/6 of my life okay? :D

Asia, Poland. With a guidebook.

Ania, Poland :). New penpal

From South Korea :) . Cute as always

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  1. Witaj =^-^= Nominuję Cię do nagrody The Versatile Blogger. Więcej szczegółów znajdziesz za chwilę na moim blogu =^-^=

  2. Hi! I would like to know if you still want to have a swap for postcard? I am from the Philippines and can make a swap and send you a postcard of the Philippines. Thanks!