wtorek, 19 marca 2013

No updates

Well I promised to update my blog this week, but I haven't got any letters so far :S

Anyway I gotta go to the post office soon, as I started to do direct swaps (by postcrossing forum).

I gotta send:
- letter to Paulina (penpal who lives in the same city lol ;D)
- letter to Marija (my Macedonian penpal)
- Letter to Bunad (my Malaysian penpal)
- Swap to Maki (Japan :D I will send her a bracelet)
- Letter to Maria, Russia. I owe her letter in Polish :D I am wondering whether she could understand it. At least our languages are a bit similar
-Swap to Zhenya (I promised her some souvenirs. For time being I bought her a calendar, a pad and borscht, but I gotta buy something else too)
-Stamps swap to Liz, UK. (20 Polish stamps)
- Stationary swap to Lin, China
- Swap to Oksana, Russia. It's an alphabet swap and she has chosen letter "N" so I bought necklace, notebook and added a napkin:3
-Letter to Emma with some little gifts inside. We were supposed to be swappers but she asked to write letters too and I contentedly agreed.

Goodbye my money, I gotta leave you all in the post office :D

Besides, I am waiting for :
- letter from France (it's been almost 4 months :( )
- postcard from Hong Kong
- letter from Uzbekistan
- letter from Philipines
- letter from India
- parcel from USA
- letter from Germany
- letter from Czech Rep.
- three letters from Poland
- letter from Russia
- letter from China
- letter from Luxembourg
- letter from Ukraine
- some swaps from postcrossing <333

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  1. If you send nice envelopes you can post pictures from those too! I'm sure that there are more people like me who like to see letterpaper from all over the world. :) (Yes, I am stationery crazy.)